Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Suzana da Camara retells her story of a young girl with a passion for singing. Met with health challenges at a young age, which could have stopped her from pursuing her dream, Suzana’s story provides Making It In High Heels with another inspiring story of a woman overcoming her musical obstacles.

Frustration, isolation and fear are a few of the feeling which Suzana remembers as a young girl recovering from an operation to remove a tumor in her right ear. The sound of her own voice became a stranger to her, and her ears became an obsession not only for her, but for her mother and close friends.

~ I still struggle when I have to appear on stage, even after eight years of performing.  I obsess about how my monitors sound and worry that the venue will get too noisy to hear myself sing. I still feel like looking over and asking my guitar player to “wait” a few more seconds and I still have to pee before every performance.  My ambition is strong, but at times my hear is weak.  When I was eight, I would sing without inhibition; now I am 28 year old singer who ritually performs, not with high heels, but with my naked feet planted on the ground while singing scintillating melodies of broken hearts, lost desires and the simple beauty of life; which is pretty darn lovely to me. ~

Suzana’s story shows us how passion and determination defeat fear and how circumstance can shape your future. As an adult, Suzana has made 3 albums and has been singing professionally for eight years. Suzana also made her movie debut as the host of the up-coming DVD “Making It In High Heels”, which will be available February 2009.