Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Growing up is full of struggles for any young girl; Shobha paints a visual picture of what it was like to grow up as a first generation Canadian in an immigrant family.  To make matters more trying for Shobha, she was the seventh child born to a low income family who resided in an unsafe neighborhood subjected to violence, racism and belligerence.

It was in high school where Shobha picked up on her love for music.  She worked hard and found a sense of belonging. Writing became Shobha’s platform to share what she has experienced, and learned, as well as using this medium to help others.

~ Like every writer, I have experienced y share of writer’s block. Looking back, I can almost always pin that writer’s block on a lack of being challenged in life.  In other words, going through hardships can be the best inspiration.. ~

Shobha’s story enforced the idea that regardless of your identity, age, career, social standing or morals — challenge will always confront you.  It is the way that we equip ourselves to face the challenges that life throws at us that determines our futures.

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The pain of feeling neglected as a child drove Belinda Brady to want the rest of the world to love her!  Being the youngest child of many, and having divorced parents, made Belinda’s journey into the entertainment world a tough dream to chase.

Although Belinda admits to having lost herself many times along the way, she reflects to the guidance she sought in a higher power.  She had been on the brink of self-destructive behavior, financial and emotional hardships, and she faced personal demons such as anger and disappointment along the way.

~ When I reflect on the past, I feel more secure about the personal and professional choices I’ve made. I’m not perfect though; everyday continues to be a struggle. I realize that wanting to be a superstar was not so much the desire to become a Janet Jackson, Britney or Madonna. Instead, I believe I wanted to be loved and accepted by everyone.  Subconsciously, it made sense to me that if the world loved me, the pain of my neglected childhood would vanish.~

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Suzana da Camara retells her story of a young girl with a passion for singing. Met with health challenges at a young age, which could have stopped her from pursuing her dream, Suzana’s story provides Making It In High Heels with another inspiring story of a woman overcoming her musical obstacles.

Frustration, isolation and fear are a few of the feeling which Suzana remembers as a young girl recovering from an operation to remove a tumor in her right ear. The sound of her own voice became a stranger to her, and her ears became an obsession not only for her, but for her mother and close friends.

~ I still struggle when I have to appear on stage, even after eight years of performing.  I obsess about how my monitors sound and worry that the venue will get too noisy to hear myself sing. I still feel like looking over and asking my guitar player to “wait” a few more seconds and I still have to pee before every performance.  My ambition is strong, but at times my hear is weak.  When I was eight, I would sing without inhibition; now I am 28 year old singer who ritually performs, not with high heels, but with my naked feet planted on the ground while singing scintillating melodies of broken hearts, lost desires and the simple beauty of life; which is pretty darn lovely to me. ~

Suzana’s story shows us how passion and determination defeat fear and how circumstance can shape your future. As an adult, Suzana has made 3 albums and has been singing professionally for eight years. Suzana also made her movie debut as the host of the up-coming DVD “Making It In High Heels”, which will be available February 2009.

She is a musician, singer, songwriter and actress.  Her name is Kate Todd.  And at only 20 years old, it is clear to see how Kate is “Making It In High Heels.”  Kate claims that it was the conditional support of her family, her rural roots and her desire to succeed that has made her who she is today. Kate became an actress when she was 14, claiming the role of Lily Randall in TV series Radio Free Roscoe.

~Within six months of signing with an agency, I found my next musical instrument was to be the guitar, as I had landed the lead female role on the TV show, Radio Free Roscoe, to be aired on the Family Channel in Canada, and The-N network in the United States.  I play a down-to-earth rocker chick who is an aspiring singer/songwriter! At this point, I had no idea just how huge this was and how it would change the next few years of my life. I went from attending a 700-student public school in the middle of a field, to bright lights and camera crews. ~

Kate discusses the support she received from her family, friends, and fans, and how she continued her education despite 70 hours work weeks on the set.   Kate’s success can be attributed to her very mature outlook and her confidence in herself.

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