Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Hi, and welcome to the official “Making It In High Heels” Blog!!  I am excited to create an open forum in which the authors of “Making It In High Heels” can openly communicate with women everywhere!  I had the pleasure of attending the launch party which was held at the C lounge in Toronto in August, and to meet the publisher of this book, Sanjay Burman, of Burman Books, as well as hear a few of the girls speak.  I have also been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the book, which is set to hit stores this holiday season!

Prior to this exposure, the only knowledge I had was that I was going to be taking part in promoting an “inspirational collection of stories” of some 30 plus women, all under the age of 35..and being a woman of 30 something myself, I was intrigued to say the least!.  After attending the party and reading the book, I suddenly realized the power each of us holds to help others, simply enough through our own personal experiences. How thrilled I am to be involved with such inspirational young women!

I know on a personal level, that becoming a woman, finding your place in this crazy world, and surviving all the ups and downs can be hard at times.  It was a pleasure to come across this read as it allowed me, the reader, to understand that I am not alone in my journey. Thanks to all the girls for allowing us to share your most personal experiences!

I am hopeful that this Blog will make its’ way to many viewers, and that the word spreads quickly about this fantastic book.  I will be here on a regular basis to update readers and to provide information and links which may help to spread the word!!  I welcome posts from everyone, and encourage the authors themselves to take an active role in the direction this Blog takes.

Cheers!!  Have a fabulous day!