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The Ontario government recently passed a law permitting all adoption cases to become open and information on birth parents and adopted children will become public knowledge by June 1 2009.

How does this affect individuals?

In 1976 my Birth Mother was 17 years of age when she gave me up for adoption.  Under the current adoption laws, I do not know her last name, her whereabouts, our shared ethnic background or family medical history.  Once the disclosure agreement takes place on June 1 2009, all of this information will become available- however there is a catch. Should my Birth Mother become aware of this law, she can contact the Government of Ontario by June 1, 09 to ensure that her record remains closed. The challenge is that the Government is not widely advertising this new law therefore many Birth Parents who are not familiar with the changes may be faced with an unexpected call or visit from the adopted child.

At age 25 the Children’s Aid Society informed me that my Birth Mother was not at a point in her life where she was able to meet me. I respect and accept her decision.  I am able to look at the new laws objectively and foresee both positive and painful outcomes. My hope is that children who are adopted and seeking their identities will keep in mind the desires of their Birth Parents and the potential repercussions before making initial contact.

I look forward to your thoughts