Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Katrina Hadden grew up watching her mother fight illness.  She retells times of struggle and fear being a child and not understanding her mothers condition.  Katrina discusses her experiences with the readers of Making It In High Heels, and also shares how she coped through out high school, university, and into her career.

Katrina has come along way, and has come to realize that loving herself, and helping others really does make a difference.  Katrina carries faith that her mother will be better, and continues to pursue her dreams while being a spokesperson, model, actress, personal trainer and mentor.

Although it was a tough road, Katrina continue to learn and grow from experience, and teaches how she chose to turn her life around.

~ For women, the teens and early 20’s aren’t easy. We’re faced with self esteem issues, pressures from relationships and budding career issues. I had always worked hard in everything I did, including going from a size 18 to a size eight.~

Karina’s experiences have led her to want to make a difference in peoples lives.  She never stops dreaming and believing!  Read Katrina’s inspiational story, and many others by pre-ordering Making It In High Heels today!

Stacey McKenzie defines a woman who is Making It In High Heels!!  At the tender age of six years old, living in Kingston, Jamaica, this inspirational woman found her calling.  Stacey knew she had something special, and was prepared to make her dreams come true.  Although she did not have access to the resources, Stacey spent countless hours teaching herself how to be a model.  Despite many “NO’s” by many agencies, Stacey did not let that stop her.  Despite being teased throughout her entire life for having a different look, she knew it was that very difference that would make her famous!  Stacey took nothing personally, and continued on her mission to find that one person who would give her a chance.

As fate would have it, combined with sheer determination, Stacey found that certain someone and her life has not been the same since!

~ He as the first person in the business to call me beautiful and I just stood there, crying my eyes out. He had me try on a man’s suit with heels and walk for him.  I blew him and his entourage the hell away and with that, I was booked. ~

To learn more about Stacey and her journey, pre-order your copy of Making It In High Heels.  Feel free to post an inspirational story of your own, or leave a comment for Stacey!