Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Antonietta allows us into her past,  her childhood experiences, and her inner-most memories of her troubled family life.  She carries on to recall high school being her darkest days, filled with racial tension and derogatory comments, struggles with her classes, and embarrassment to ask for help.

Antonietta talks of relationships in high school and how her bottled up insecurity and stress eventually got the better of her. Through countless encounters of struggle, Antonietta clearly talks to the readers of Making It In High Heels with a different perspective…one she achieved through growing up and acceptance.

~I had never had any mentors in my life. Most people looked to their parents for mentoring or idealism, but mine were the last people I was likely to look to. Instead, I resented and blamed them for all the struggles and stress in my life. I made it my mission to prove that I can do better. I had always wanted so much from them that I was blind to what I already had. My mother always told me that I had to stop blaming others,; I have looked at underlying reasons and I’m an adult and I do take responsibilities for my actions and choices.~

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What is your definition of success?  Meagan White shares hers, while “making it in running shoes”, despite her love for High Heels!  Meagan’s story is done thru shared experience of identifying fears and overcoming obstacles.

Reaching puberty at the tender age of 9, taller than her peers and well developed, Meagan knows very well what it feels like to be an outcast.  Meagan began to feel self conscious and she explored different personalities and images in hopes to better fit in with her peers.

Megan has learned the the choices made in adolescence set the stage for future growth and so in time, she developed time management skills, and strong work ethic.  T

~ I forced myself to do some serious soul searching and although I didn’t like all that I uncovered, digging a little deeper triggered a domino effect; I started to re-evaluate all of my relationships and the role I played in my life. It’s not easy to look honestly at yourself, but if you’re brave enough, you’ll uncover the answers you need to move forward. ~

Meagan believes that success is the ability to move forward in life with a sense of purpose and integrity.  To hear more of what Meagan has learned and how she applies it to every day life, pre-order your copy of Making It In High Heels today!

Miriam Cohen writes of the self-worth she dicovered following a three year on-again-off-again relationship.

Relationships account for a very large percentage of eye-opening experiences in many womens lives. Miriam’s relationship had its faults, and although she was not entirely happy at all times, she was in love, and was devistated to find out she had been cheated on.

Miriam takes us through the break-up by sharing the emotions that were felt, as well as the choices she made to accept and grow from the experience.

~On December 31st, I woke up feeling ill. I had promised a friend that I would take her step calss in the morning.  I know myself and I know that the quickest way to cheer myself up is by working out.  I tried to eat breakfast, but could barely touch my cereal. Every time I thought of eating, I would feel sick, but I knew I had to have something; especially since I was heading to the gym. As I drove, I kept trying to push the images of him cheating out of my head. I reminded myself that I as able to get over my first love; and the first cut its the deepest, so I knew that one day I would look back on this and laugh at myself for being so naive.~

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Katrina Hadden grew up watching her mother fight illness.  She retells times of struggle and fear being a child and not understanding her mothers condition.  Katrina discusses her experiences with the readers of Making It In High Heels, and also shares how she coped through out high school, university, and into her career.

Katrina has come along way, and has come to realize that loving herself, and helping others really does make a difference.  Katrina carries faith that her mother will be better, and continues to pursue her dreams while being a spokesperson, model, actress, personal trainer and mentor.

Although it was a tough road, Katrina continue to learn and grow from experience, and teaches how she chose to turn her life around.

~ For women, the teens and early 20’s aren’t easy. We’re faced with self esteem issues, pressures from relationships and budding career issues. I had always worked hard in everything I did, including going from a size 18 to a size eight.~

Karina’s experiences have led her to want to make a difference in peoples lives.  She never stops dreaming and believing!  Read Katrina’s inspiational story, and many others by pre-ordering Making It In High Heels today!

At one point, Kim thought that dropping out of high school was the worst of her worries.  Growing up in a home which was once loving and secure, had taken a change and was now infected with drug abuse. Kim shares a story which few could imagine to Making It In High Heels.  Kim’s story sheds light onto the idea that things are never what they seem, and the future is never certain.

Partying, drugs, and social pressures are not only present in the lives of teens.  Adults who are drawn into addiction may not be able to see clearly the affects these choices may have on their families. Kim shares how her parents change of lifestyle affected her and her sisters who were left trying to keep their family together.

~ I saw five men run downstairs, trying to get into the basement, but my mom had the door locked. I heard them yelling and breaking the door down.  I watched them take my mom down as she tried to escape. Never in my life could I have imagined my mom trying to get away from the cops, let alone my parents being in handcuffs.~

Although Kim has experienced drastic changes which lead to tragedy, her sisters and her now share a special bond and understanding.  Kim teaches us that sometimes, situations are out of our control, but that adversity will make you stronger! Read the complete story by pre-ordering a copy of Making It In High Heels.

Growing up is full of struggles for any young girl; Shobha paints a visual picture of what it was like to grow up as a first generation Canadian in an immigrant family.  To make matters more trying for Shobha, she was the seventh child born to a low income family who resided in an unsafe neighborhood subjected to violence, racism and belligerence.

It was in high school where Shobha picked up on her love for music.  She worked hard and found a sense of belonging. Writing became Shobha’s platform to share what she has experienced, and learned, as well as using this medium to help others.

~ Like every writer, I have experienced y share of writer’s block. Looking back, I can almost always pin that writer’s block on a lack of being challenged in life.  In other words, going through hardships can be the best inspiration.. ~

Shobha’s story enforced the idea that regardless of your identity, age, career, social standing or morals — challenge will always confront you.  It is the way that we equip ourselves to face the challenges that life throws at us that determines our futures.

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Francesca Ortepi is one of those women who appears to have everything going for her.  A good relationship, a supportive family, solid friendships, and a great career.

Making It In High Heels is a book of struggles and life altering moments and decisions that shape us into who we are today.  With that being said, Francesca’s story reveals how looks can be deceiving, and she too has had hurdles to overcome in order to be where she is today.

Francesca recalls her troubles really beginning in high school, as do so many of the other stories shared in this book.  Abusing drugs and alcohol, skipping school and misbehaving were all part of Francesca’s journey.

By the end of her high school years, she had straightened out enough to realize the importance of an education, and ended up loving her chosen field of study.  Francesca writes of love, hurt, and loss and what she has learned about people she refers to as “feeders”.

~ The people who know me can attest to the fact that I’m a very giving and nurturing person.  I’m the type of person who would give away the shirt off my back and the last five bucks in my pocket.  But for some, give them an inch and they want a mile.  Nothing is ever good enough and kindness is mistaken for weakness. I call these people “feeders”. Feeders steal your positive energy and if you’re not careful, they’ll suck the life out of you.~

As life continues, we are constantly on a journey. Francesca refers to this journey as the steps in her staircase to life. To read more about Francesca pre-order Making It In High Heels.  For more inspiration, leave a comment or message for Francesca and start climbing the stairs!!!

Shannon Leroux is a woman of great inspiration. Mother of two, actress, model, and Professional Fitness competitor…Shannon shares with the readers of Making It In High Heels how growing up was a painful process and how her private thoughts were “clouded” with self doubt.

Shannon describes how finding a passion turned her life around and gave her the motivation and determination to rid herself of self doubt, and allow herself the freedom to be “Shannon!”.

~I began to enjoy life without the tune of negativity running through my head.  It was breathtaking; I couldn’t get enough. I was awarded a lead role and I quickly grew to love the process of theater; rehearsals, blocking, and wardrobe. We all have a need to belong and for the first time I felt like I fit somewhere. It was a powerful feeling to entertain and it was a big step in the right direction for me. ~

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Don’t let judgment get you down~~ Remain true to yourself, and tolerate differences!  This is what Jasmin Bir’s story reinforces.  Jasmin was always encouraged to be herself, and loved to express her individuality through intelligence and style! She took her passion of learning, and fashion to the extreme, and graduated high school with many honors, scholarships and the respect of her peers.  Although Jasmin was accepted in high school for who she was, and was confident with her sense of style, she was not prepared for what the transition to University would bring.

Not fitting in, humiliation, judgment, and and confusion.  These emotions replaced those of passion, encouragement and positive attitude.  Jasmin faced judgment against her individuality and found herself wondering if she should change who she is, her style, her work ethic and her her character just so that she would “fit in”.

Even the most positive of upbringings, the most successful of people face transitions in life which require periods of growth and learning in order to continue to move forward.

~ At university everything was new and no one knew of my accomplished background. Although it was somewhat refreshing to be unknown, I felt a sense of anxiety at the thought of being one nameless face among thousands. Would I succeed? Would I earn the respect of my colleagues and professors as I did in high school? Would any of my previous accomplishments matter in this unfamiliar new place?  Will I be accepted for who I am? ~

Jasmin takes the reader through her personal transition stage and explains how she chose to thrive against the intimidation of unfamiliarity.  For the opportunity to read Jasmin’s full story, pre-order Making It In High Heels today!  Feel free to leave a comment for Jasmin, or to post your own personal journey of transition!!

At 19, Sara Bouvier found herself pregnant for the second time.  Terrified of the reaction of her family, she moved away with her son and his father.  Shock hit her when she learned she was now having twins! Realizing her relationship was not going to work, Sara Bouvier returned home with her children, to finish high-school and be with her family.

Although Sara is still trying to find her way in this world as a single parent of three children, she struggles with motivation.  She is thankful for what she has, and realizes that time is only wasted when you sit back and feel sorry for yourself.

Making It In High Heels provided Sara with a forum to speak of her experience, and to inspire others like her to not lose hope, and to be thankful and optimistic of the future.