Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Growing up is full of struggles for any young girl; Shobha paints a visual picture of what it was like to grow up as a first generation Canadian in an immigrant family.  To make matters more trying for Shobha, she was the seventh child born to a low income family who resided in an unsafe neighborhood subjected to violence, racism and belligerence.

It was in high school where Shobha picked up on her love for music.  She worked hard and found a sense of belonging. Writing became Shobha’s platform to share what she has experienced, and learned, as well as using this medium to help others.

~ Like every writer, I have experienced y share of writer’s block. Looking back, I can almost always pin that writer’s block on a lack of being challenged in life.  In other words, going through hardships can be the best inspiration.. ~

Shobha’s story enforced the idea that regardless of your identity, age, career, social standing or morals — challenge will always confront you.  It is the way that we equip ourselves to face the challenges that life throws at us that determines our futures.

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As a teen, Juliana Vasquez Ruiz came to Canada feeling alone and defenseless.  The family she came to live with turned their backs on her and she found herself in a shelter.  Feeling like a failure, Juliana met a man who took her from her loneliness, into a new world of abuse, and control and rendered her pregnant.

Juliana touches on some of the familiar characteristics of an abused woman and the fears and emotions that come along with it when she retells her story in Making It In High Heels. With a child involved, it was that much harder for Juliana to walk away from this situation. Juliana found herself making excuses for having to stay, despite her gut feeling to go.  It was not until she confided in someone that Juliana began to gain the courage to fight.

~ Even when my self-esteem was at its lowest and I didn’t believe in myself, I still had dreams and hopes for my future. Andrea taught me to turn those dreams into goals. Who else can change and reshape my future? No one but myself. I know I will be successful and I am proud to look back and say that I, Juliana Vasquez, fought a battle against me and the winner was me.~

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A very brief entry which adds to inspiration in Making It In High Heels was submitted by Kim Schraner.  Kim recalls the death of her mother, and how she turned overwhelming grief into peace.

Death causes tremendous pain to its’ survivors, and leaves loved ones to endure countless memories.  Kim writes of her mothers death with maturity and understanding, and retells of an instance which brought her more peace than she had ever felt since her mother’s death.

~I walked through the dining room where we had so many dinners, went into the kitchen, her domain, where she cooked endlessly and taught me to cook. I made my way up the stairs, walked through what was my room, my brother’s room and my parent’s room, where she had passed away. The memories, good and bad, were everywhere.  I stood for a minute, weeping, and said goodbye one more time.~

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“Life is truly a journey and not a destination”.. words which Leyla Naghizada puts effort into every moment of every day!  Growing up in the war torn country of Azerbaijan, an Eastern European/West Asian country located on the  west coast of the Caspian Sea, Leyla recalls how at a young age she felt as if she did not belong.

Her interests in North American lifestyle and culture were inspired by the ever popular 1990’s boy band, The Back Street Boys.  Leyla and her sister were so infatuated with this group, that it was their motivator to learn the English language.

In no time, Leyla and her sister had decided to move to North America in hopes of attaining unlimited possibilities for their future.  Leyla shares her immigration process, and the life altering experience of moving to a foreign country with the readers of Making It In High Heels.

~~ It takes hard work to keep a positive attitude going despite all of the negativity that is present in the world today. However, I am a firm believer that negative thinking creates a mental block to achieving success. Continuously learning from the surrounding environment has the potential to bring unlimited success to all aspects of life.~

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Lisa Bradburns entry in Making It In High Heels is one full of complexity.  She touches on several life altering circumstances with maturity, understanding and acceptance.  Lisa has experienced some of life’s toughest challenges, and has emerged self confidant, open and forgiving.

From adoption, addiction and parental divorce, to traveling, love, long distance romance, fate, healing and forgiveness;I certainly felt the heaviness of Lisa’s story.

So many of us face circumstantial misfortune in our lives, which often stems from our childhood experiences and the adults around us.  This is exactly what Lisa writes of.  She clearly recalls emotions, thoughts and choices she made from teen years into adulthood.  Lisa touches on love found, love lost, and everything in between.

~ With age, my harshness has softened as I understand their humanness; especially when visualizing my parents’ own periods of immense growth post marital breakup.  It can be a dangerous game to fantasize over who I would be if another couple walked into that waiting room so many years back.  I am who I am through them, through thick and thin.~

In many cases of personal tragedy, no matter what it is, we are forced to look deep inside to find strength to pull us out of despair, to set us back up on our feet, and to find the desire to fight back.  The fight to overcome tough times is often done with the help of inspiration.  Lisa shares how she found hers.

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