Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Antonietta allows us into her past,  her childhood experiences, and her inner-most memories of her troubled family life.  She carries on to recall high school being her darkest days, filled with racial tension and derogatory comments, struggles with her classes, and embarrassment to ask for help.

Antonietta talks of relationships in high school and how her bottled up insecurity and stress eventually got the better of her. Through countless encounters of struggle, Antonietta clearly talks to the readers of Making It In High Heels with a different perspective…one she achieved through growing up and acceptance.

~I had never had any mentors in my life. Most people looked to their parents for mentoring or idealism, but mine were the last people I was likely to look to. Instead, I resented and blamed them for all the struggles and stress in my life. I made it my mission to prove that I can do better. I had always wanted so much from them that I was blind to what I already had. My mother always told me that I had to stop blaming others,; I have looked at underlying reasons and I’m an adult and I do take responsibilities for my actions and choices.~

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At one point, Kim thought that dropping out of high school was the worst of her worries.  Growing up in a home which was once loving and secure, had taken a change and was now infected with drug abuse. Kim shares a story which few could imagine to Making It In High Heels.  Kim’s story sheds light onto the idea that things are never what they seem, and the future is never certain.

Partying, drugs, and social pressures are not only present in the lives of teens.  Adults who are drawn into addiction may not be able to see clearly the affects these choices may have on their families. Kim shares how her parents change of lifestyle affected her and her sisters who were left trying to keep their family together.

~ I saw five men run downstairs, trying to get into the basement, but my mom had the door locked. I heard them yelling and breaking the door down.  I watched them take my mom down as she tried to escape. Never in my life could I have imagined my mom trying to get away from the cops, let alone my parents being in handcuffs.~

Although Kim has experienced drastic changes which lead to tragedy, her sisters and her now share a special bond and understanding.  Kim teaches us that sometimes, situations are out of our control, but that adversity will make you stronger! Read the complete story by pre-ordering a copy of Making It In High Heels.

Another inspirational story from Making It In High Heels, by a young woman who has faced incredible issues at a young age.  Sasha’s story shows that self awareness and soul searching is often the key element to surviving against the odds.  This story shows the commitment of a young woman and her family pulling together in the time of crisis.  Sasha was forced at a young age to deal with very mature issues and adult responsibilities, and she writes candidly about how she felt at that time in her life, and what she took away from that experience.

Sasha goes on to further describe how she did not get lost in this difficult time of her life, but rather ceased an opportunity to soul search, gain acceptance and grow personally to become a strong young woman and an inspiration to others!

~ I have learned to face the curve balls life is always throwing; it has all made me stronger. ~

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Learn how Sasha, and other woman like her have over come some of life’s toughest moments and are now “Making It In High Heels.”