Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Francesca Ortepi is one of those women who appears to have everything going for her.  A good relationship, a supportive family, solid friendships, and a great career.

Making It In High Heels is a book of struggles and life altering moments and decisions that shape us into who we are today.  With that being said, Francesca’s story reveals how looks can be deceiving, and she too has had hurdles to overcome in order to be where she is today.

Francesca recalls her troubles really beginning in high school, as do so many of the other stories shared in this book.  Abusing drugs and alcohol, skipping school and misbehaving were all part of Francesca’s journey.

By the end of her high school years, she had straightened out enough to realize the importance of an education, and ended up loving her chosen field of study.  Francesca writes of love, hurt, and loss and what she has learned about people she refers to as “feeders”.

~ The people who know me can attest to the fact that I’m a very giving and nurturing person.  I’m the type of person who would give away the shirt off my back and the last five bucks in my pocket.  But for some, give them an inch and they want a mile.  Nothing is ever good enough and kindness is mistaken for weakness. I call these people “feeders”. Feeders steal your positive energy and if you’re not careful, they’ll suck the life out of you.~

As life continues, we are constantly on a journey. Francesca refers to this journey as the steps in her staircase to life. To read more about Francesca pre-order Making It In High Heels.  For more inspiration, leave a comment or message for Francesca and start climbing the stairs!!!

Although this story is short and sweet, Amrit Maghera’s message is one which is strong.  Amrit touches on one event which shaped who she is today which happened in her teen-aged years.  It was at this time that she was confident of her strengths, but was pre-occupied by her parents divorce.

She describes how her concentration at school declined, and how her behavior began to become “naughty”. Amrit remembers the embarrassment of an extremely low grade which made her mother furious, and gave her teachers doubt. This is what outraged Amrit, and gave her the kick she needed to pull up her socks so to speak, and to prove her true ability.

~ I was suddenly on a mission. IT was going to be hard work, but not impossible. I was going to show this woman that she was wrong, wrong, wrong! Suddenly, all the things that had previously occupied my mind; which boy I fancied that month or something similar, were overshadowed by visions of proving my teacher wrong. ~

This experience allowed Amrit to see teh results of determinatin and confidence.  Hard work and discipline combined with a desire to secceed brough Amrit to realize that through hard work, anything can be achieved! Read Amrit’s story, and other inspirational stories of young women who are Making It In High Heels today!  Pre-order your copy now!

Setting goals is something that Susan Persaud has been doing since childhood.  Although each goal may not have been attained; it provided her with direction, ambition and success nonetheless.  Susan shares her story in Making It In High Heels, to illustrate how issues such as self doubt, low self esteem, and inadequacy can be battled with positivity, goal setting, maturity and determination.

Susan’s positivity and maturity did not come naturally at all times.  She had to search within herself to find the passion which set the pace for the future.  Susan did not accept debt, a dead end job, and a paycheck to paycheck existence.  She was always aware of success, successful people, and realized the value of education.

Susan places focus on the importance of goal setting, the mistake of comparing yourself to others, the art of forgiveness, and remaining realistic and true to yourself.

~At 30 years old, I am still in various transitional states of maturity and idealism and once in a while that feeling creeps up behind me.  The missteps I have made in my lifetime stem from comparing myself to those around me or measuring myself up to what others thought I ought to be… ~

Susan’s story reminds us that positivity is in us all, determination and drive is what allows us all to shine and to develop our true potential.  To read the full success story of Susan Persaud, please feel free to pre-order your copy of Making It In High Heels today simply by clicking the link.  Subscribe to make a comment, or feel free to share your own personal success story with us.