Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Another inspirational story from Making It In High Heels, by a young woman who has faced incredible issues at a young age.  Sasha’s story shows that self awareness and soul searching is often the key element to surviving against the odds.  This story shows the commitment of a young woman and her family pulling together in the time of crisis.  Sasha was forced at a young age to deal with very mature issues and adult responsibilities, and she writes candidly about how she felt at that time in her life, and what she took away from that experience.

Sasha goes on to further describe how she did not get lost in this difficult time of her life, but rather ceased an opportunity to soul search, gain acceptance and grow personally to become a strong young woman and an inspiration to others!

~ I have learned to face the curve balls life is always throwing; it has all made me stronger. ~

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Learn how Sasha, and other woman like her have over come some of life’s toughest moments and are now “Making It In High Heels.”