Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

See how a frightened child fought her bully, her weakness’ and her insecurities. Making It In High Heels‘ Shelley Porritt tells us of a horrifying time of her life which helped shape her into the strong and confident person she is today.

Backing down to the neighbourhood bully was the way that Shelly handled the abuse.  She was timid and fearful and wanted to avoid confrontation.  She never told an adult, and she never dreamed of standing up for herself.  She never knew what it was that attracted this bully to her, but she knew that she wanted nothing to do with it.

The more she avoided the bully, and the harder she tried not to react, the stronger the bully became. Bullies feed off of fear and insecurity is what Shelly learned.  She decided to take a stand.  From the moment that Shelly recognized the importance of self-confidence and personal power, she rid her tormented days of the bully.

~ I was actually standing up to this bully, and the feeling was incredible. I was empowered, and the more empowered I became, the more she recoiled.  My confidence was growing inside me with every second and I felt larger than life.  It was the most amazing feeling to see her back down.  She didn’t want to fight after all; she didn’t have the confidence of the courage to take me on. ~

Using this story as inspiration for future encounters in both personal and business, Shelly Porritt is a leader and a success.  She has learned that people are attracted in a positive way to confident, strong people.  Bullies avoid these people, and feed off weakness.  Tap into your strength is Shelley’s advice, and you will accomplish great things!

Bev Isla has struggled for years trying to find her place.  Each job she had, she would come to lose, and each relationship has encountered hard times.  Bev has realized that her relationship strains have stemmed from her being unhappy within her work-place and within herself.  Determined to make change happen, Bev has gained experience and a new sense of direction through volunteer work which has also given her new skills, and new-found confidence.

Sometimes trial and error lead us to where we are meant to be. Bev shares hers with the readers of Making It In High Heels, and the message that she sends out is clear.

~ I have to trust that challenging experiences are not meant to destroy, but to build.  Focus on positive thought and move from disbelieving to believing, and you’ll shape your dream future.  Everyday, I make the choice to do exactly that. ~

This story will inspire anyone who has struggled to make ends meet, anyone who has been faced with change, and all of us who want choose happiness!  Read Bev’s complete story by pre-ordering your copy of Making It In High Heels, which will hit stores this holiday season!