Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

See how a frightened child fought her bully, her weakness’ and her insecurities. Making It In High Heels‘ Shelley Porritt tells us of a horrifying time of her life which helped shape her into the strong and confident person she is today.

Backing down to the neighbourhood bully was the way that Shelly handled the abuse.  She was timid and fearful and wanted to avoid confrontation.  She never told an adult, and she never dreamed of standing up for herself.  She never knew what it was that attracted this bully to her, but she knew that she wanted nothing to do with it.

The more she avoided the bully, and the harder she tried not to react, the stronger the bully became. Bullies feed off of fear and insecurity is what Shelly learned.  She decided to take a stand.  From the moment that Shelly recognized the importance of self-confidence and personal power, she rid her tormented days of the bully.

~ I was actually standing up to this bully, and the feeling was incredible. I was empowered, and the more empowered I became, the more she recoiled.  My confidence was growing inside me with every second and I felt larger than life.  It was the most amazing feeling to see her back down.  She didn’t want to fight after all; she didn’t have the confidence of the courage to take me on. ~

Using this story as inspiration for future encounters in both personal and business, Shelly Porritt is a leader and a success.  She has learned that people are attracted in a positive way to confident, strong people.  Bullies avoid these people, and feed off weakness.  Tap into your strength is Shelley’s advice, and you will accomplish great things!

For a  young girl with a lot of friends, Sapna will tell you that things were once very different for her.  Making It In High Heels gave young women the opportunity to discuss how they came to be who they are today.  Sapna Jain does just that as she candidly tells of her struggle as a teen aged girl to learn and understand what having friends and being a true friend is all about.

~ I can remember a time when I didn’t have a single friend. It was one of the most difficult periods of my life.  It was a long time ago, but whenever I think about it, the pain is so vivid it’s like I’ve been transported back in time to grade nine, at the tender age of 14.~

Sapna undured cruelty to the extreme from girls she thought were her “friends”.  She was called names, embarrassed, and the harder she tried to fit in, the worse the treatment became.  Lonliness, depression dealing with being ignored were a way of life for Sapa in her early high-school years.

This bullying taught Sapna lessons, and within no time she channelled that negative energy into positive, and began to fight.  She started to make new friends and gained confidence.  People started to see Sapna for who she was instead of listening to the girls who tried to make life hell for her.  Her popularity grew and she has never looked back.

Sapna’s message is clear.  We are all presented with struggles in order to break out of our cocoon as stronger people.  She inspires by suggesting that we should embrace our troubles.  Tackle them.  That is how growth happens!

There are many stories in Making It In High Heels which have now made their way into my daughters hands.  She is 14, just starting high school and dealing with a whole new world.  Sapna’s story was shared with my daughter to remind her to be true to herself, to remain confident, and to value true friends as well as strive to be a great friend and always treat people as you yourself want to be treated.  I thank Sapna for sharing this story, and for inspiring my teen-aged daughter!