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Katrina Hadden grew up watching her mother fight illness.  She retells times of struggle and fear being a child and not understanding her mothers condition.  Katrina discusses her experiences with the readers of Making It In High Heels, and also shares how she coped through out high school, university, and into her career.

Katrina has come along way, and has come to realize that loving herself, and helping others really does make a difference.  Katrina carries faith that her mother will be better, and continues to pursue her dreams while being a spokesperson, model, actress, personal trainer and mentor.

Although it was a tough road, Katrina continue to learn and grow from experience, and teaches how she chose to turn her life around.

~ For women, the teens and early 20’s aren’t easy. We’re faced with self esteem issues, pressures from relationships and budding career issues. I had always worked hard in everything I did, including going from a size 18 to a size eight.~

Karina’s experiences have led her to want to make a difference in peoples lives.  She never stops dreaming and believing!  Read Katrina’s inspiational story, and many others by pre-ordering Making It In High Heels today!

A very brief entry which adds to inspiration in Making It In High Heels was submitted by Kim Schraner.  Kim recalls the death of her mother, and how she turned overwhelming grief into peace.

Death causes tremendous pain to its’ survivors, and leaves loved ones to endure countless memories.  Kim writes of her mothers death with maturity and understanding, and retells of an instance which brought her more peace than she had ever felt since her mother’s death.

~I walked through the dining room where we had so many dinners, went into the kitchen, her domain, where she cooked endlessly and taught me to cook. I made my way up the stairs, walked through what was my room, my brother’s room and my parent’s room, where she had passed away. The memories, good and bad, were everywhere.  I stood for a minute, weeping, and said goodbye one more time.~

To read Kim’s story, and learn of her inspiration, take a moment to pre-order Making It In High Heels.  This, and other inspiring stories are what will help other young women to look past the struggles in life and to remain positive for a brighter future!

Feel free to leave a comment or question for Kim–or post a story of your own which will inspire others!

She is a musician, singer, songwriter and actress.  Her name is Kate Todd.  And at only 20 years old, it is clear to see how Kate is “Making It In High Heels.”  Kate claims that it was the conditional support of her family, her rural roots and her desire to succeed that has made her who she is today. Kate became an actress when she was 14, claiming the role of Lily Randall in TV series Radio Free Roscoe.

~Within six months of signing with an agency, I found my next musical instrument was to be the guitar, as I had landed the lead female role on the TV show, Radio Free Roscoe, to be aired on the Family Channel in Canada, and The-N network in the United States.  I play a down-to-earth rocker chick who is an aspiring singer/songwriter! At this point, I had no idea just how huge this was and how it would change the next few years of my life. I went from attending a 700-student public school in the middle of a field, to bright lights and camera crews. ~

Kate discusses the support she received from her family, friends, and fans, and how she continued her education despite 70 hours work weeks on the set.   Kate’s success can be attributed to her very mature outlook and her confidence in herself.

If you, or anyone you know is considering entering into the entertainment industry, I would suggest picking up a copy Making It In High Heels which will be available just in time for the holidays, or pre-order today to read more of Kate Todd’s story, and her helpful tips.

“Go big or go home”… a stage motto which Andrea Lewis picked up on and took quite literally.  Andrea Lewis, as many of you may know from the hit tv series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, has blessed the pages of Making It In High Heels with a unique story which illustrates a successful young woman in the entertainment industry.  Through written word, Andrea oozes of confidence, determination, dedication, and success.

As a young girl, Andrea describes how important family support was to her, and retells her emergence into the entertainment industry as a toddler. Her younger years were always surrounded by her fathers love of music, and her mothers passion for fashion and glamor.  She was in her element when in front of the cameras, and found her lifelong dream at a very young age.

As Andrea hit the teen years, she realized just how tough the entertainment industry was, and knew it was not going to be easy, and chose then to continue the path with even more dedication and determination.

~ The entertainment industry is tough and requires very thick skin, particularly for a black girl. Nothing that I have accomplished has come to me easily.  I still have to prove myself constantly and fight for parts more challenging the neighbor, the best friend or the stereotypical “black girl”. This is the card I’ve been dealt however, and God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.~

Andrea has dealt with her share of hard times including the divorce of her parents, and struggling to make ends meet, but says that these issues have only provided more determination for success!  Now that is inspiration!!!!!

Read all of Andrea’s story by pre-ordering a copy of Making It In High Heels.  If you or someone you know has made their way in the entertainment industry and has a story to share of how they got there, please feel free to leave a post to share with others.