Making It In High Heels

Inspiring Stories by Women for Women of All Ages

Antonietta allows us into her past,  her childhood experiences, and her inner-most memories of her troubled family life.  She carries on to recall high school being her darkest days, filled with racial tension and derogatory comments, struggles with her classes, and embarrassment to ask for help.

Antonietta talks of relationships in high school and how her bottled up insecurity and stress eventually got the better of her. Through countless encounters of struggle, Antonietta clearly talks to the readers of Making It In High Heels with a different perspective…one she achieved through growing up and acceptance.

~I had never had any mentors in my life. Most people looked to their parents for mentoring or idealism, but mine were the last people I was likely to look to. Instead, I resented and blamed them for all the struggles and stress in my life. I made it my mission to prove that I can do better. I had always wanted so much from them that I was blind to what I already had. My mother always told me that I had to stop blaming others,; I have looked at underlying reasons and I’m an adult and I do take responsibilities for my actions and choices.~

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Don’t let judgment get you down~~ Remain true to yourself, and tolerate differences!  This is what Jasmin Bir’s story reinforces.  Jasmin was always encouraged to be herself, and loved to express her individuality through intelligence and style! She took her passion of learning, and fashion to the extreme, and graduated high school with many honors, scholarships and the respect of her peers.  Although Jasmin was accepted in high school for who she was, and was confident with her sense of style, she was not prepared for what the transition to University would bring.

Not fitting in, humiliation, judgment, and and confusion.  These emotions replaced those of passion, encouragement and positive attitude.  Jasmin faced judgment against her individuality and found herself wondering if she should change who she is, her style, her work ethic and her her character just so that she would “fit in”.

Even the most positive of upbringings, the most successful of people face transitions in life which require periods of growth and learning in order to continue to move forward.

~ At university everything was new and no one knew of my accomplished background. Although it was somewhat refreshing to be unknown, I felt a sense of anxiety at the thought of being one nameless face among thousands. Would I succeed? Would I earn the respect of my colleagues and professors as I did in high school? Would any of my previous accomplishments matter in this unfamiliar new place?  Will I be accepted for who I am? ~

Jasmin takes the reader through her personal transition stage and explains how she chose to thrive against the intimidation of unfamiliarity.  For the opportunity to read Jasmin’s full story, pre-order Making It In High Heels today!  Feel free to leave a comment for Jasmin, or to post your own personal journey of transition!!

Lisa Bradburns entry in Making It In High Heels is one full of complexity.  She touches on several life altering circumstances with maturity, understanding and acceptance.  Lisa has experienced some of life’s toughest challenges, and has emerged self confidant, open and forgiving.

From adoption, addiction and parental divorce, to traveling, love, long distance romance, fate, healing and forgiveness;I certainly felt the heaviness of Lisa’s story.

So many of us face circumstantial misfortune in our lives, which often stems from our childhood experiences and the adults around us.  This is exactly what Lisa writes of.  She clearly recalls emotions, thoughts and choices she made from teen years into adulthood.  Lisa touches on love found, love lost, and everything in between.

~ With age, my harshness has softened as I understand their humanness; especially when visualizing my parents’ own periods of immense growth post marital breakup.  It can be a dangerous game to fantasize over who I would be if another couple walked into that waiting room so many years back.  I am who I am through them, through thick and thin.~

In many cases of personal tragedy, no matter what it is, we are forced to look deep inside to find strength to pull us out of despair, to set us back up on our feet, and to find the desire to fight back.  The fight to overcome tough times is often done with the help of inspiration.  Lisa shares how she found hers.

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