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Hey it’s Becky…AGAIN!

I know i JUST blogged, but i can’t help myself, I just read this story and I knew I needed to write something about it. Well, first, I found this story very helpful to my situation because I really feel like I’m in the same shoes as Francesca was in. I know most people would say that I’m not the most giving person, but I am definitely not what Francesca called a ‘feeder’. I just think that I know someone who is a feeder and I’m still trying to figure out if she’s true friend or not. I haven’t known her for THAT long, but we hang out and have tons of fun, then my friends start to ask me why I would say stuff about them that I had never said. When I ask them who tells them this stuff, it all comes back to this girl.

I’ve been thinking about what the best thing to do about this is for quite a while now and as I read this story just expecting to be touched or moved by the sad lives of these women, I was also given really good advice. Now I know what i should do after reading Francesca’s story. I am going to confront the girl and ask her whats going on and decide then if she really is a feeder and let her know I don’t want to be friends anymore.

So thank you so much Francesca if you ever read this, you’ve helped my make a great decision!


Hey everyone, It’s Becky again!

First, I just thought I’d share something that came to me while reading Stacey Mackenzie’s story. So, while reading this, I thought about all the pressures from the media; the beautiful girls on magazine covers air-brushed to perfection and the amazing actresses or tall, skinny models on TV that everyone knows.  Stacey Mackenzie had just seen one picture from a magazine her sister brought home and she was already set on becoming a model, changing the way she dressed and walked, practicing poses. This made me think, if one picture can do this much, how about the people constantly surrounded by all this pressure to look a certain way? This was a good thing for Stacey Mackenzie because in the end she fulfilled her dream, but for many other girls this can really be something that ruins a girl’s dreams.

Well, I just thought I needed to share something about that, but in the actual story, I LOVED the fact that she never got down and gave up when things seemed so impossible. Even when she had been turned down by so many different agencies all around the world and she still kept moving. This is why this story really meant so much to me and I felt that I needed to blog about. I really don’t think I’ve ever heard a story about such persistence and the great ending with her dreams coming true. This just shows that when you set your mind to it, you can do anything. I know that every single parent says this, including mine, but truthfully, I never really thought about this until now. So thanks so much to Stacey Mackenzie who showed me through her life experiences what my parents have been telling me for years; You can do whatever you put your mind to. I’ll continue to blog as I read more stories!


hey it’s Molly here!!
I just finished reading this story and talk about FAN-TASTIIIIIC!! Belinda Brady’s story is unique but not one of a kind. Many artists go through hard times but all have different and similar experiences.

I personally have always wanted to be famous, it has been i life long dream. Though neither of my parents are really musical in anyway i still feel like the musical gene is in my blood. I used to feel like i was a superstar trapped in a someone who doesn’t belong on stage body.

People have always told me that being famous is hard and it’s even harder to get to the top but i have never wanted to believe it but i’m starting to except it. Thousands and thousands of people are dying to be famous, and there is almost always going to be someone better than you, but i think that its important never to give up. You have to be confident in yourself and love yourself before anyone else can. Belinda didn’t love herself like she should and i will never make that mistake, i will always be confident in who i am and be proud of where i came from.

The difference between me and Belinda though is Belinda didn’t receive the love i have from my parents. My parents love me unconditionaly and that makes me so much more confident about myself than i could ever feel with out them. They taught me to love myself and i can conquor anything if i try. I’m so happy to have amazing parents that will help me reach the top even if its a hard vicious journey. ALL THE BEST LUCK TO BELINDA BRADY!!!!!!

Hey guys, it’s Virginia! I had a serious wake up call, and I need to blog about it.

I came home on Thursday, and my mom told me she needed to talk to me. I sat down, nervously, not sure what was going on. Had a family member or friend passed? Was I being falsely accused of a wrong-doing? Were my parents getting a divorce?! Outrageous thoughts raced through my head, but things were far more worse than I could imagine; my math teacher called my house and told my parents that I was FAILING! Oh, crap I thought, miserably. I had known my performance in math was less than satisfactory, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I braced myself for the long nights of work I had ahead of me, and the lecture that was coming up next. And I was right - there was no escaping the flow of my mom’s boring, but truthful, words. And I hated myself for letting things get this bad.

But as furious as I was at the time, I couldn’t be happier that my math teacher had called now. Without that wake-up call, (sorry for the bad pun) I probably wouldn’t have turned my work habits around. Sure, it meant giving up my weekend, and probably plenty more in the future, but I would rather give up my weekends than my future! For all of you out there who find yourself thinking, “What’s the point? I might as well give up,” DON’T GIVE UP! Keep on keeping on, is all I can tell you! In the larger scheme of things, a few days spent inside working on math homework, or practicing a song, or studying for a quiz won’t hurt you! I’m so glad it’s still early in the school year, and I’m able to turn things around. I don’t know where I’d be by the end of June, if my teacher hadn’t called on Thursday. So there’s something to think about!

Thanks for listening,
Virginia (:

Momo here,

I can totally relate to this story, i constantly look back on my days as a little kid especially as i grow older i can’t stop thinking about how things used to be, i can’t appreciate the time i’m in. I also think it was so amazing to be younger and not have a worry in the world but i when i really think hard i realize that it wasn’t so easy. When i was little i got bullied, i put up with it for too long. I wasn’t able to confront the bully and it turned into a problem finally i was able to tell my parents and they dealt with it. Although to many it seems like the easy way out, just get your parents to deal with it, it really wasn’t. I had to get up the courage to tell them which was surprisingly hard.

Now through out my life i have been able to be the stronger person up against bullies. Confidence is the key, if you are confident against the bad people in your life they will get scarred and back down. Bullies use violence and threats because they are strong on the outside but not on the inside. The people who are strong on the inside are the strongest all together.

All through my life i will have to face hard things but i no that if i am physically and mentally strong that will be able to do anything. I try and do the best i can in the moment i’m in now.

I had a lot of fun reading Kate Todd’s story because I have met her and she’s as down to earth as her writing reflects her to be. Although, i am probably much to old to be watching family channel, I still do and I love it. I remember watching Radio Free Roscoe everyday after school and then the next day talking about it with all my best friends at recess, acting out all our favorite parts and jokes. Now Kate Todd is on another show that I LOVE to watch, Life With Derek. I was so excited when she was introduced as a character because shes Canadian and shes a great actress to watch. I just love to find shows that I enjoy and then find out that their Canadian. Something about it is so exciting and I almost feel proud , as if i had a part in the success of it.

Kate’s story was cool to read because I know I have aspired to be an actress one time or another. After considering it a lot, I just looked at the odds and becoming an popular actor icon is rarely in the cards for a small time Canadian actor. I love acting and it’s always going to be a fluent part of my life but idon’t see myself doing it in the future but more as a hobby. When I was applying to high school, I probably should have chosen business class but instead I found myself drawn to drama. Boy am I glad that I chose it because it’s an amazing class with an amazing teacher. Anyway, my point is that im glad i read Kate’s story because although right now I don’t see myself acting, it’s good to know that it’s always there and there’s always that hope of being as popular an actor as Kate Todd is.  Even though right now, everything seems so far away, it really isn’t and I know that soon I will have to make big decisions. I’m glad that i read this story promptly before that time comes.


Today, everything revolves around how you look or dress. It’s rare to find someone who isn’t self conscience, i know i am. Of course it’s my fault that i feel the way i do about my body/personality but some blame does belong to the media. I look through the all the latest issues of the hottest new magazines and i can’t help but pick and choose what i would like to have instead of what i DO have. I feel like all fashion industry, movie industry..etc, are almost contridicting themselves. The new trend is to be natural and healthy looking and to say that your beautiful no matter what you look like. But who are the faces of these “new” campaignes, amazingly gorgeous ones.

After i read Stacy Mackenzies story, naturally, i was interested in her. So, i got on the computer and i look her up. When i saw her, i was pleasantly surprised. Yes, from her writing you can tell that she’s different looking then most working models but not only was she those things, she really was beautiful. From her writing i can tell that shes beautiful on the inside and she’s pretty lucky to have a face that matches her wonderful personality. Her story really is so nice to hear because she is so successful and renowed but she dosen’t fit the typical model persona. It makes me think, and im sure other girls think aswell, that maybe it’s not so bad to be different and maybe we do have a shot at being what ever we want to be.

I try really hard not to hate myself but maybe i should just try to embrace myself instead. I hope other girls read Stacey’s story. It’s an interesting story that so many girls can defenitly relate to, i know i did. Great story Stacey!


Hey!!! Sarah here, and I just wanted to tell everyone how much I LOVED sara bouvier’s story!! it teaches you about real values… FAMILY AND HOPE!!
In the story, sara gets pregnant during high school and has her baby, and soon has 2 more, twins. at first she is upset and discouraged because she cant finish school! but then she realized how many new opportunities she has!! for one, she now has the wonderful experience of raising children. and for another, she can then watch her children grow and experience them in a way that working mothers never could.

Being a pre-teen, you hear alot about stuff like this, i felt like i could relate to Sara alot. Kids my age are starting to get involved in sexual stuff and starting to learn more about it so this stpry is very important to every young girl or boy. I know in my health class, they give the bare minumal and its good to hear something real. Even though i sometimes feel uncomfortable with the sex talks and stuff, i think its really important. Don’t get me wrong, i still cringe when my mom says “sex” !!!!

This story reminded me of this one time when i went to see a movie and it was cancelled, so i had to go see a play instead, which i really enjoyed. I know it seems trival compared to Sara’s story, but it reminded me that i just always try new things and i might be happier taking a road that is less traveled on, just like Sara did by quitting school.

Great Story Sara!
-Sarah : )

Antonia’s story was so touching, it’s so amazing of her to share it with so many people. I think it’s so courageous of her to submit this story to “Making It In High Heels” and if no one has told her, she should know how important it is. Right this minute she could be giving a girl who was violated, the confidence in herself to stand up aswell. I would love to meet Antonia, if she inspired me so much by simple words on a page, I can imagine the impact of a face to face. Although I have never been through ANYTHING as horrible as Antonia has, I feel like I can relate to her. When her sister went to go beat up the asshole, pardon my language, who hurt her, it reminded me of a similar encounter with my brother.

One day after school, I was in the park blissfuly playing and minding my own bussiness, when the neighborhood bully came up to me. He kicked me hard in the shin and told me I was ugly, this was devasting for me as I was merely 10 years old. As soon as this happened, I ran home crying to my mom. Instead I found my oldest brother. He got so angry when I told him, that he got his two friends and my other brother to go over to the park and give the bully a talking to. Of course my brother would never hurt someone that was 8 years younger, but he talked to him ( friends backing him up ) and made sure that he would never bother me again. I love my brothers, and I know that family is the most important thing there is.

Antonia, if your reading this, I hope you know what an amazing young women you are. I hope who ever reads this, knows to never be afraid to tell the truth and to always trust yuor instincts.


Hey everyone,

I was just reading Kim Schraner’s story and i found it breath taking. It was so deep and emotional and really moved me. I can’t even begin to explain how person and sad it made me feel, it almost moved me to tears. The part about her mother sputtering out “perfect” as her last words was so….perfect.

Now i have had my fights with my parents, recently i got into this huge fight with my mom and because she wouldn’t let me go to the park. I was SO ANGRY I JUST WANTED TO SAY SOOOOO MANY MEAN THINGS TO HER. but then i said to myself “you know what, your mom deserves better and it’s not fair to get angry because she is trying to keep you safe, so just calm down, take a deep breath and remeber how much she has done for you”. My mother is an amazing, loving, kind person and every time i think about something happening to her i panic and sometimes call her to just hear her voice.

Losing a parent would be the single worst thing that could ever happen to me. I love my parents soooo much and i don’t know how i will ever bring myself to let them go when the day comes. I have to be realistic in understanding that they will not be around forever, but i do my best to enjoy every moment i have with them. And i know even if they go i will have them in my heart forever and no body can ever take that away just like how Kim Schraner felt. I’m sure that there will be days when it will be hard and some days when i feel good but i have so many things in my life that are so special to me because they remind me of my parents i know that even when they day comes to say good bye they won’t be gone forever.