Making It In High Heels

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A child born of a child.  Tee-Lyn describes in great detail her turbulent childhood life which has made her who she is today.  Her teen-aged parents were not ready for the responsibilities that came with parenthood, so this young girl was raised primarily by her grandparents.

Tee-Lynn shares loving memories surrounding her grandparents role of raising and shaping her; despite the intrusion of bad memories of her mothers addictions and her fathers manipulation and criminal lifestyle.

For any child, this senerio would prove to be a challenge.  Custody battles, substance abuse, physical abuse, your parent being in and out of jail, threats, fear, being a minority child, are but a few of the obstacles which came Tee-Lynn’s way…  but Tee-Lynn knew she wanted more for her future.  She witnessed alot for a young child, but remained grounded by her grandparents influence.

~ Both sets of Grandparents sure loved me; but they didn’t love each other.  What seemed to be extreme love for their granddaughter turned into a harsh custody battle, driven by stubbornness and selfishness on both sides.  For years, both sets of grandparents fought over me and who I should live with. As young as I was, I remember the conversations, the argument over the phone, the death threats from my dad, the threats to “take me away” and the racial comments.~

Tee-Lynn relives tragic memories from childhood right into her teen-aged years.  She recalls how she began to understand and accept her misfortunes and started placing issues to the side which she had no control over.  She recognizes the support of her grandparents and friends, and realized opportunity when she saw it.

Her college experience was key, as it allowed her to learn of a new city and new people.  She dealt with issues and followed dreams and earned herself a college diploma, not allowing anyone or anything to bring her down!!

You simply MUST read Tee-Lynn’s full story to appreciate what she has overcome!  Pre-order your copy of Making It In High Heels today!

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