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So I have the Grand Opening Party for my chiropractic clinic next week.  It’s so hard to go from the health and wellness world to the business world.  All my schooling was about being a great chiropractor, but in order to be a busy and successful chiropractor I really need to be a great business woman.

In order to do that I have to get noticed!  In other words I have to attract people into my clinic.  I know that in this day and age most people, especially women, see the value in preventative healthcare, or wellness care.  Yet the most common thing that people say to me is, I have this problem but it’s really just muscular, so I don’t need you.

This always presents me with an opportunity to educate those people as to how the body works as one, and muscles act on the joints, therefore by getting good chiropractic care their muscles will be addressed.  So that is one way to get noticed, be informative and intellectual.

The other ways to get noticed is marketing.  The vast world of marketing, what works, what doesn’t, what’s new, what’s old, how do you get someone to write an article about you before you can afford advertising?  It’s definitely a hard world to navigate, but I am going at it everyday.

I actually sent an email about my Official Grand Opening to a newspaper, and they asked if I wanted to advertise with them.  The problem is that it is a brand new business and I am working from a deficit.  Although advertising in a paper would be amazing, I thought that maybe I could inspire them to come and cover my opening, thereby getting me noticed, and then I could afford the advertising!

We’ll see if it works.  If anyone knows some journalists out there that would like to write about a young professional woman working towards her dream, please let them know!!  BTW my dream is to have a vibrant health and wellness centre that focuses on women and children, with at least one of each health specialist: a medical doctor/pediatrician, naturopath, massage therapists, chiropractor, physiotherapist, midwives and doulas.

My opening party is on Wednesday November 19th from 4pm to 8pm.

542 Mt Pleasant Rd, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario.

Please come and stop by and help me get noticed!

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