Making It In High Heels

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Hey, Sarah here. Just read Sapna Jain’s story, and it’s soooooo good! Sapna’sstory deals with a bunch of girls who she considered her “best friends” that end up bullying her and making her life a living hell. I can relate to Sapna because I’ve had friends that have treated me badly before. I tried to deal with it, but I just became more and more miserable. It’s a horrible feeling when people you trust and care about turn their backs on you, and you have absolutely no clue what you did.

Like Sapna, I’ve had friends stop talking to me because of the way I looked, or where my clothes were from. At first, I tried so hard to win their approval back by changing every part of me. I was a different person, and I wasn’t having a good time but as long as I had my “friends”, I was okay. But then they made a decision that I just wasn’t cool enough. I would go home and cry every night, wondering what I did wrong or what was wrong with me? If only I had known then, that I wasn’t the problem. It’s a hard thing to get over, but it’s worth it when you realize that you’re a great person and you don’t need friends like that. It feels like a huge weight is being lifted off your shoulders.

Today, I’m a strong and confident woman - I don’t need bad friends weighing me down. I am who I am, and if someone can’t accept it, too bad.


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