Making It In High Heels

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Hey!! I just read Shelley Porritt’s story. It was soooo great! The message in it was so strong. It tells you to stand up for yourself and show you’re not afraid. It tells you to have confidence!!!

In my life, I’ve definatly been bullied before, and it was a new and scary thing, and something I totally wasn’t used to!!! I had no idea why that person was picking on me!! I didn’t know what to do!! But this story is really great because it tells the reader how to handle that sort of situation; with confidence. If you stand up for yourself, your bully gets afraid, and then they will leave you alone!

There are definatly girls out there who have no clue how to handle a bully. This story is definatly going to help anyone in a similar situation. Just a bit of confidence can make all the difference!!!

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