Making It In High Heels

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I am glad to hear that my story has touched peoples lives. Thank you for the comments.  With that being said…  I would like to continue my story.

I spent so much time thinking life was hard, raising kids was hard and being alone was hard. Then after my wasted year of feeling sorry for myself, I realized that one of my main problem was that I was looking at my life the wrong way entirely. I didn’t need to be with a man to be happy. I had three of the most amazing children and they really just made life so wonderful and enjoyable. So for 2007, I just enjoyed life with the kids. We would go for walks, play at the park, go to the zoo, go to the beach and we spent a lot of time at my fathers and at my mothers, which are both in the country so that was nice. So much we could do there go snow mobiling, go to the pool, go boating, fishing, you know all the fun stuff kids like. We spent a lot of time together which I think made the wonderful bonds we all have with each other.

Another year has passed and I have a lot more things to be thankful for: 2008

I met someone in March. My darling, Kayuni. He is amazing, I love him dearly. He has made me see things all differently, in a way that is so wonderful… Life is perfect! He has taken the children as his own and they all love him too. They have a wonderful bond together, which is beautiful to watch. Kay and I are celebrating our one year anniversary in March.

Zachary, is now in Kindergarden and will be turning 6 next month. Amy and Hailey, just had their 4th birthday and are very excited to start Nursery School in September. They all are wonderful, well mannered, helpful, caring and  gorgeous children. They all have such amazing hearts and I think they are truly little angels. I love them so much and I can’t help, but show and tell them that all day everyday. The relationship I share with each one of my children is so heart warming.

I am 23, with my future husband, three beautiful children and so happy to anounce that we are expecting! Yay! I am into my fourth month of pregnancy and anxiously awaiting our ultra-sound next month. Kayuni’s parents have twins in their family and well I had twins!!

Well until next time, xo Sara