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Hey!!! Sarah here, and I just wanted to tell everyone how much I LOVED sara bouvier’s story!! it teaches you about real values… FAMILY AND HOPE!!
In the story, sara gets pregnant during high school and has her baby, and soon has 2 more, twins. at first she is upset and discouraged because she cant finish school! but then she realized how many new opportunities she has!! for one, she now has the wonderful experience of raising children. and for another, she can then watch her children grow and experience them in a way that working mothers never could.

Being a pre-teen, you hear alot about stuff like this, i felt like i could relate to Sara alot. Kids my age are starting to get involved in sexual stuff and starting to learn more about it so this stpry is very important to every young girl or boy. I know in my health class, they give the bare minumal and its good to hear something real. Even though i sometimes feel uncomfortable with the sex talks and stuff, i think its really important. Don’t get me wrong, i still cringe when my mom says “sex” !!!!

This story reminded me of this one time when i went to see a movie and it was cancelled, so i had to go see a play instead, which i really enjoyed. I know it seems trival compared to Sara’s story, but it reminded me that i just always try new things and i might be happier taking a road that is less traveled on, just like Sara did by quitting school.

Great Story Sara!
-Sarah : )

Antonia’s story was so touching, it’s so amazing of her to share it with so many people. I think it’s so courageous of her to submit this story to “Making It In High Heels” and if no one has told her, she should know how important it is. Right this minute she could be giving a girl who was violated, the confidence in herself to stand up aswell. I would love to meet Antonia, if she inspired me so much by simple words on a page, I can imagine the impact of a face to face. Although I have never been through ANYTHING as horrible as Antonia has, I feel like I can relate to her. When her sister went to go beat up the asshole, pardon my language, who hurt her, it reminded me of a similar encounter with my brother.

One day after school, I was in the park blissfuly playing and minding my own bussiness, when the neighborhood bully came up to me. He kicked me hard in the shin and told me I was ugly, this was devasting for me as I was merely 10 years old. As soon as this happened, I ran home crying to my mom. Instead I found my oldest brother. He got so angry when I told him, that he got his two friends and my other brother to go over to the park and give the bully a talking to. Of course my brother would never hurt someone that was 8 years younger, but he talked to him ( friends backing him up ) and made sure that he would never bother me again. I love my brothers, and I know that family is the most important thing there is.

Antonia, if your reading this, I hope you know what an amazing young women you are. I hope who ever reads this, knows to never be afraid to tell the truth and to always trust yuor instincts.


Hey everyone,

I was just reading Kim Schraner’s story and i found it breath taking. It was so deep and emotional and really moved me. I can’t even begin to explain how person and sad it made me feel, it almost moved me to tears. The part about her mother sputtering out “perfect” as her last words was so….perfect.

Now i have had my fights with my parents, recently i got into this huge fight with my mom and because she wouldn’t let me go to the park. I was SO ANGRY I JUST WANTED TO SAY SOOOOO MANY MEAN THINGS TO HER. but then i said to myself “you know what, your mom deserves better and it’s not fair to get angry because she is trying to keep you safe, so just calm down, take a deep breath and remeber how much she has done for you”. My mother is an amazing, loving, kind person and every time i think about something happening to her i panic and sometimes call her to just hear her voice.

Losing a parent would be the single worst thing that could ever happen to me. I love my parents soooo much and i don’t know how i will ever bring myself to let them go when the day comes. I have to be realistic in understanding that they will not be around forever, but i do my best to enjoy every moment i have with them. And i know even if they go i will have them in my heart forever and no body can ever take that away just like how Kim Schraner felt. I’m sure that there will be days when it will be hard and some days when i feel good but i have so many things in my life that are so special to me because they remind me of my parents i know that even when they day comes to say good bye they won’t be gone forever.

Hey girlies, it’s Virginia here! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I just finished reading Kim Schraner’s touching story, and had to blog. Like Kim, I’ve lost a loved one before. I’ll always remember the day when I came home from school in grade five, and my mom told me my grandpa had passed away. I just remembered thinking, “This cannot be happening, this cannot be happening!” How could someone so important in my life be there one night, and be gone the next morning? It just didn’t seem fair. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t bring myself to cry.

I attended the wake, not sure if I was really prepared for it. If I could choose a last time to see my grandpa, it wouldn’t involve him lying in a casket. All of my family members took a turn, saying goodbye to him. Finally, my mom asked if I would like to say anything to him. I walked up to his casket, and looked down at him. He looked very peaceful. It hurt so much, to finally realize he was gone. I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. All I could think was, “I didn’t even get to say goodbye.” After what didn’t seem like a long enough goodbye, it was time to go.

My family and I returned to my grandma’s house, and shared memories we had of my grandpa. One of my uncles joked that he had gotten one last game of golf in before he had passed, the night before. Golfing had always been my grandpa’s favourite hobby. I realized it was a good time for him to go. He was at peace, and he died in a painless way. I realized it had been a good time for him to go. He was at peace, and he died in a painless way. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss my grandpa. I don’t think that I ever got over his death, but I got used to living without him. My heart still aches when I see a picture of him, or I think of him. But I know that he wouldn’t want me to be sad. He would want me to get on with my life, and recover gracefuly. And that’s exactly what I plan to do for him.

Well, I have to go! I’ll blog as soon as I get a chance.

Until next time,
Virginia (:

A few days ago, i woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my front door. I go down stairs and saw that is was a canvasser. It was an older man asking for donations or volunteers to help out with the environment in the area. He wanted to know some of my concerns, and things i would like to improve on. I was ashamed to say that, i had no idea. This strikes me as a little scary, considering our world is in such horrible condition. I knew that i wanted to help, but i didn’t know where to start. I felt almost guilty that this man of at least 65 years old, is taking the energy to walk door to door to improve everyone’s living and i’m sitting at home watching t.v. Later that night, i sat down to read and came upon Emily Hunter’s story. What she’s done, is so inspirational. After reading that story, i heavily contemplated how i could start to help the enviroment. The next day at school, there was club sign up’s, i decided to sign up for the enviromental club. Im so excited to finally be a part of something important. I hope this club teaches me how to spread the word and learn easy things to teach my family to do and help the world.

As young adults, we are the future of this world. We should start considering what we can do to better our future. We have so much time and energy, it just seems fair to ourselves and to our future children, to do everything we can to make the world cleaner. If everyone did a little something, it would improve everything so much. So, watch out for eco foot print people!!!


Reading this story, it really touched me. It seriously put me on an emotional roller coaster. First, I was sad for Antonia Adamopoulos because she felt so self-conscious about her ears that she had to get surgery at such a young age, then, I felt angry at the guy that raped her and upset because she had to go through something so terrible when she was only in grade 10.

Then, when I read about her having to deal with people that even made fun of the fact that she got raped i was confused and appalled, then, for the first time in the story I was happy that the guy that raped her got beat up and glad that he got what he deserved. Once again I was sad and disappointed as well when she told a 21 year-old that she was 18 when really she was only 15. Also, I know this may come as a surprise to some people, but I was actually kind of happy when her dad went to get her from the house of the guy she met. It was never going to last with him especially when he found out she was only 15 and that she lied to him, so I think what her dad did was right about doing that.

I felt sad when she was out on the streets and when she got a place but lost her job, then I was basically ecstatic when she and her dad made that deal and she was back home. I slowly began to feel happier and happier when she was pregnant. It must have been hard for her that no one was on her side when they found out she was going to be a single mother, but there was always someone that was with her until everyone supported her.

Even though this story made me feel so many different emotions, it really made me think about how important family is. Every time through the story from when they were so strict she couldn’t stand even living in her house to when her immediate family didn’t support her pregnancy, they were still so important and cared about her so much. Now when I look back to all the times that I think I hate my family, I know they’re only doing what’s best for me.

I’ll keep reading these stories and blogging!


I loved this story so much. Not only was it a good read but it was so relatable and so inspirational.

Sara really reminded me to keep my feelings in check. I remember I went out to dinner with my friend for her birthday, and I watched her pull out amazing present after present. I remember feeling so jealous, i could barely consider everything i got from my parents. When i look back at that, i realize how spoiled i was being. I get amazing things for the holidays and my birthday and i especially get amazing things, compared to what the less unfortunate get, nothing. In a material world like ours, its soo easy to get caught up in everything. It’s so important to take a minute and consider everything good in your life and not everything you don’t have. Never be jealous of other things or people, its not becoming, but be happy for them, that their happy. Plus, if you have everything, there’s nothing to look forward to! : )

Sara’s story also touched on another very prominent issue in society. Teenage pregnancy. I like that Sara shone a whole new light on the situation, instead of  warning teens about the bad effects teenage pregnancy has. She talked about how happy she is and how even though it was unexpected, shes glad it happened and she won’t let it stop her from achieving what she wanted. There are always going to be bumps in the road, some larger then others, but unless you push through, your letting yourself and everyone around you down. All you have to do is, get up brush off you knee’s and try again. Remember to always learn from your mistakes because that’s why we are here, to learn and teach others to follow the right path and decisions. I’m not saying that teenage pregnancy is a something that a girl should consider, but if it unfortunately happens, then you have to be responsable about it and follow through with the decisions you make. Sara is lucky enough to have a psotive out come in that situation, and I’m glad shes happy. I hope one day, i can be as happy as she is.

Untill next time!!

Tessa : )

Hey it’s molly here,

I read this story and i instantly related, My parents have been through a divorce and i remember my marks going down. And it was really hard on me to pull through and up my grades. divorce happens to a lot of kids but it’s different for everyone. It’s been two years since the divorce but it still goes through my mind all the time. Sometimes it hard for me to concentrate in school, it’s not only the divorce but anything else big going on in my life effects my school work. Every time a fail a test I’m really hard on myself. I try so hard and do all i can to do well but sometimes things don’t turn out how i want them. For an example i failed a test recently and it almost brought me to tears but it just inspired me to do better.

Now the bad part of Amrit Maghera’s story is that her parents and her teacher didn’t believe in her. I’m lucky enough to have a loving family and amazing teachers behind me. My parents have provided unconditional support all through my life. My teachers are also wonderful. They aren’t always easy on me but that helps me a lot sometimes. They push me to do better but always help me along the way. Both my teachers and my parents are always there to quiz me on notes and help me study. So although i can relate to the hard times Amrit Maghera had i am in a very different situation then she is.

Amrit Maghera’s stories really showed me that you can turn your marks around. I get really worried sometimes if i do badly that i won’t have enough time to turn my marks around in time for my report card. Now i know though with a little push and some hard work i can do better. I want to be the best person i can be but i know that takes some work so I’m gonna try even harder now to give 110% for now on.

I really enjoyed this story and i feel like a lot of people would. I highly reccomend it!!

Hey guys, it’s Virginia again!

For anyone who hasn’t picked up a copy of this amazing book, I recommend doing it right now! I just finished reading another amazing story, by Jasmin Bir. I’m sure that lots of women, whether they be young or old, would be able to relate her. I’ve been judged lots of times, by people who hadn’t even gotten to know me. Like Jasmin, I just don’t understand how people can be so judgemental, and cruel. And it doesn’t feel good, when people don’t like you based solely on appearance. It makes you feel downright bad!

But like Jasmin says, you just have to remain strong. Not everyone is going to be nice to you, and you have to deal with it! People who mind don’t matter, and people who matter don’t mind. If someone judges you on your clothes, hair, weight, or height they probably aren’t the type of person you’d want to be friends with, anyways. Honestly, who has the time to deal with bitchy people like that anyways? Lol. Sure, I’ve tried to be different for people before. But, I realized what an idiotic and childish thing it was to do! You have to remain true to yourself, to truely be happy. Can’t wait to read more of these awesome stories!

Have a great weekend,
Virginia ( =

As I read Amrit Maghera’s story I realized that this was basically the same thing that happened to my mom when she was a few years younger than i am now. My mom was a late bloomer and did not understand a lot of things until she was in about grade six. That year was when my mom had moved and gone to a new school with very high standards. When she first went into class everyone got excited about “the new kid” that they had never seen before, because it was not the beginning of the year and everyone had already gotten in their groups of friends.

As soon as she sat down, the teacher said, “Wow, I’ve never had to teach a kid with such low grades, this will definitely be a real challenge.” Immediately my mom’s face got tomato red and from that point on she swore to herself that she would make the teacher feel bad about making such a terrible assumption and prove her wrong. She stayed after school to get extra tutoring from (different) teachers, she did so much homework, she was ahead of everyone in the class. As she continued to do this, she became one of the top students. When she was done telling me this story, she said “Really, I thought that I wanted to kill my teacher for completely humiliating me in front of the whole class on the first day of school, but now I realize that although what she said was mean, if it hadn’t been for her I probably wouldn’t  be  where I am today.”

I just thought that I would share this so that everyone knows that if they’re ever in the same situation that my mom and Amrit Maghera’s were in, in time it will really pay off. Just remember that every cloud has its silver lining and don’t get down because of one person, just keep going!

This book keeps inspiring me to write and share things with everyone else, so as I continue to read this i will blog again!